Fall In Love With Our Hand-Poured Soy Wax Melts

Searching for original handmade products to make somebody feel special?

At Signature Scents UK we believe nothing beats having unique products that have been made especially for you.

Our hand-poured soy wax melts are perfect for anybody who loves relaxing in a tranquil atmosphere. Candles and wax melts are wonderful for creating a sophisticated ambience in the evening, whether you’re having a romantic meal or simply unwinding in your bedroom.

Soy wax is highly popular with candle-lovers and these types of melts offer excellent value for money. They tend to burn for much longer and cleaner than candles.

Light up somebody’s heart with our beautiful soy wax melts.

Among our products is this Heavenly Scent Soy Wax Melt Heart Box which contains some of our most popular scents. These colourful hearts include those which contain peony and blush suede fragrance oil, daisy fragrance oil, One Million scent- named after the well-known aftershave and black spice.

Since these hearts come in a gift box, they make an excellent gift for your loved one, whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or birthday.

Each and every heart can be used several times and will release the most gorgeous fragrance into your home.

For home-made products crafted with care and love, check out our wax melts today.