How do I use a wax melt?

Our large wax melts are designed to be chopped up into segments like a pizza of between 6-8.  They can be burned multiple times in a flame or electric oil burner.  Simply find your desired fragrance, place your order, when your item arrives simply use a butter knife or similar to chop the wax melt tart.  Pop a segment into your burner dish, sit back, relax and enjoy.


Why do you use soy wax and not paraffin wax?

Soy wax generally burns longer than paraffin wax.  Soy wax is derived from natural vegetables while paraffin is a refined gasoline by-product.  Soy wax in 100% biodegradable while paraffin wax is not.  Paraffin wax often causes soot residue to appear on containers and can sometimes cause a black smoke like effect when burning.


Do your products comply with current CLP requirements under EU legislation?

Yes, all of our items are CLP compliant.  If you require any further information on this please email us at


Where are your products made?

All of our items are currently made from Wallasey which is in the north west of England, UK.


Do you ship overseas?

At present, we do not ship overseas.  We do however try to accommodate our customers wherever possible, please email for with further details.

 Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, If you own a shop or want to stock our items to sell on we sell wholesale large orders at discounted prices, please email us with your enquiry.

Are any of the products you use tested on animals?

No, we are categorically against animal testing.


What should I use to burn my wax melt in?

You can use either a tealight oil burner or an electrical burner- we tend to find that tealight oil (flame) burners tend to get hotter – this often means stronger sent throw for shorter time.  Electrical burners tend to not get as hot, thus the oil is not as strong and will generally last longer.


I’m interested in a subscription but worry about being tied in?

With our subscription package you are in complete control, you can cancel at any point after you receive your first box.


How long does it take for my item to arrive?

We will generally ship your item within two business days, sometimes we will make items to order which can take slightly longer.


How often will I be charged for my monthly subscription?

You will be charged every 30 days from the date of sign up.


What fragrances will I receive in my monthly subscription?

This will vary from month to month, we aim to bring you new fragrances as often as possible.  We try to introduce new scents for each month of the year.


What if I don't like a scent, can I return it?

Yes, absolutely.  We want you to be delighted with your purchase, we will accept returns for unused wax melts and candles and will be happy to exchange for a preferred option.  Please not we do not offer refunds on our monthly subscription boxes.  Please contact us at to arrange a return.


My item has been damaged in the transit, what should I do?

Please email us with what has happened along with a picture to