Our Irresistible Handmade Wax Melts

Looking for a beautiful gift for somebody who loves wax melts?

The Scandinavians have long realised the beauty of having candles and wax melts around their homes, which all help to create a lifestyle known as ‘hygge’, which roughly translates as a mood of cosiness and comfortable conviviality marked by feelings of wellness and contentment.

Signature Scents UK has a wide range of handmade products that include highly scented wax melts.

Easy and convenient, our handmade wax melts are ideal for people who prefer flame-free products to candles.

This type of product is much better for the environment than candles because they don’t have a glass container and are much longer-lasting since the wax can be reused several times.

In short, there’s much less waste with this type of product. This means they can be much better value for money, especially if you choose larger handmade wax melts.

Our soy wax melts are designed to be cut up like a pizza and are vegan friendly, cruelty-free and sustainable. Since they’re handmade, they’re made with the greatest possible care.

If you prefer candles or reed diffusers, we also have a wide range of other collections to choose from.

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