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Car Air Freshener Diffuser

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Our cars are an extension of our personal space, similar to our home, for some they are our office and place of work.

What better way to set the mood than your favourite fragrance surrounding you.

Our car air fresheners are filled with a high concentration of high quality fragrance oil to give you strong scent over a long period of time.

Our car air fresheners are hanging glass, with a cork screw lid, cap and hanging lace.

When the air fresher is periodically tipped this will soak into the cork, simple re-hang and enjoy the strong fragrance.  This should be done very carefully for a second or two only, over a tissue incase of spills.

Fragrance oils, perfumes, aftershaves and air fresheners can damage surfaces, never place directly onto a surface, if spilt please wipe immediately with a wet cloth, prolonged exposure to a painted surface may cause peeling and/or damage.

Vent mounting clips will be available soon on our store as an alternative.  

Air freshener bottles contain approximately 7mls of liquid.

We always work within manufacturer guidelines and be environmentally aware wherever possible.  Bottles can be returned to us for a refill and a discount.

For details fragrance descriptions, please see wax melts.